Top reasons to hire a professional photographer for your corporate events

In a world ruled by images, it is extremely important to guarantee the best shot in all situations. When it comes to corporate events it is even more essential to make sure that your clients are going to enjoy and remember the occasion through the lens of a good professional – and that’s why you should consider hiring an IPPVA member photographer!

A professional approach with a photographer

Business events can be huge and all the preparation to put it together can be a little bit stressful. Occasions such as trade shows, conferences, product launches, seminars, and social events demand a lot of work, pre planning and with so many details to pay attention to, it is great to get some help from those who really understand how to capture what is necessary with amazing results. An advance walk through can avoid any costly mistakes on the day. A photographer has the professional approach that these occasions require not only capturing the relevant information about the event for the audience but also making sure that the content is eye-catching and beautiful. They understand light, contrast, depth of field, and colour balance, and know everything about digital formats and which is the right one for your end use, be it print media or social media platforms.

Event Photographer in Dublin

A photographer has professional equipment!

A corporate event is a fast-paced environment with everything happening in quick succession and all situations need to be captured in. Having a photographer focused on all these moments will insure that every photo opportunity is. So instead of trusting only in pictures taken by a mobile phone, it is essential to have the knowledge and experience of a pro. They have a vast set of equipment that captures the best light and framework with much better results than an amateur camera. A variety of lenses can contribute to the final result, such as macro and wide-angle, to provide a precise click in the right space.

A photographer from Dublin will be able to deal with the Irish weather !

Photographers are prepared for all kinds of situations and locations, it doesn’t matter if your event is indoor or outdoor. An indoor event can have issues with the lightning and be difficult to capture and if it is outdoor, there are a variety of light issues from morning to evening. That’s why the professional is prepared for it with professional lightning equipment that can handle all kinds of lighting challenges. And we know that in Dublin and broadly speaking in Ireland, weather conditions that will affect your pictures can change by the minute ! A Dublin Photographer will have the necessary experience and material to deal with these uncertainties.

A professional photographer is a time-saver

The images are a great part of this process, but there are other benefits when it comes to hiring a photographer. Time-saving, for example. When there is someone in charge to capture the event you have more time to focus on some of the other details that are part of a big corporate event. Responsibility and credibility are two of the main strengths of a professional photographer and they will pay attention to details and deliver results that you had never imagined it was possible.

Pictures post-production

Picture Post Production

Another great advantage is the post-production work that the professionals offer. Retouching, editing and colour correcting are some of the techniques that can transform a picture and ensure that you are going to get the best results. All the pictures come in high resolution, which can be extremely useful not only to display a good quality photo online but also to print the pictures in all different sizes to use in banners or flyers, for example. Photography is much more than social media pictures and has the power to build a great legacy for your business, especially your corporate image. Hiring a photographer shows that you care about the way your events are presented to your audience and are willing to invest in your company’s image. Amazing pictures make you stand out from the competitors, show credibility, and the quality will guarantee more business, increasing the profits and results. Corporate events are essential moments in the life of a company. They make it possible to extend the image of a brand and pictures are everything to make it happen. With all the background and references, a photographer has the power to translate the vision of your company in the best way.

Get the best Dublin photographers

At Maxwell Photography, because we have thoroughly thought about what makes a corporate event so important and specific, and because we have a proven track record, we believe we are amongst the best Dublin Photographers in the field. Our experienced photographers have the experience to deal with creative location photography for, annual reports, company profiles, brochures and in-house newsletters. We are in the business of creating images that aim to surpass client expectations. Maxwells are the leading supplier of Photographic Services to Ireland’s Public Relations, Commercial and Corporate sectors, as well as to Press & TV. Contact us about your corporate and event photographic requirements. We will be pleased to discuss your future photographic objectives. Maxwell Picture Agency Ltd, trading as Maxwell Photography since 1967, has a worldwide reputation for creating imaginative and eye-catching images using state of the art technology and with the aid of experienced staff. Maxwell’s client list includes Government departments, commercial bodies, public companies and organisations. Maxwell Photography prides itself on its quality of service and its consistent record of reliability and punctuality. A team of photographers is always available to cover any eventuality. For example, a team of 12 photographers were used to cover the major visits in May 2011 of H.M. Elizabeth II and United States President Barack Obama. Also in August of 2018, we had a team of 15 photographers covering the visit of the Pope to Ireland. We are respected and trusted internationally for our imaginative photography and high standards of technology, and we have consistently invested in the latest equipment and software. The dissemination of high quality news pictures to the media is always the top priority. The Agency can provide a rapid response facility should the need arise with the normal response time being less than 30 minutes from the initial brief. With more than 20 years of experience in overseas and Presidential Visits, the Agency recognises and appreciates the necessity of adhering to differing foreign protocols and working to a tight daily schedule. Maxwell Photography is covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. All our photographers have the ‘Safe Pass’ industry safety in the workplace standard. They also have experience in compiling Safety Method Statements in advance of some more complex photographic assignments and comply with all other relevant health and safety guidelines. Our current team of photographers are consistent winners of various photography awards. Maxwell Photography are accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 standards. We are fully compliant with current GDPR standards and our policy is available upon request.

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